About Us

If you have a discerning taste for style and opulence and your taste buds are acquired to luxury, then SANS PAREIL is for you. SANS PAREIL is a furniture retailer unlike any other. With unique products, excellent customer service, free delivery, and personalised furniture built especially for you, SANS PAREIL provides you with satisfying and hassle-free purchasing like never before.

The SANS PAREIL design is a response to social change, where design is art optimised to meet personal objectives. Let the art of SANS PAREIL customized furniture illustrate the definitive you. All SANS PAREIL products are available in a wide range of full leather, half leather, PVC or fabric in a broad colour spectrum palette to suit your unique palate. This allows each furniture set to be completely different to the next, and for you to have an elite and exclusive lounge, dining, or bedroom suite.

With strong beliefs in unconditional customer and employee contentment, exceptional and original quality -products at practical prices, SANS PAREIL assures you, our most valued client, an unsurpassed furniture experience.

Contact Us

For a no-obligation, free quote, or a call-out to your home for professional interior decoration advice, please contact us at info@sanspareil.co.za

Alternatively feel free to use our feedback form, or call Sana on 083 784 4186.

We look forward to seeing you in store.